Setting Your Intention for the New Year

Believe and TrustAs we enter a new year, many people think about making resolutions, setting goals, and trying to improve their lives. While I believe that these positive things can be done at any time during the year (and should be, if that works best for you), there is a feeling of a “fresh start” that a new year brings.

I made resolutions for years. And rarely did they work. They were too vague, there was no defined plan to bring them about, and often, what I wanted most was not the resolutions, but the feeling behind them. Something rather vague and harder to define.

Then, in 2008, I discovered Christine Kane’s Word of the Year Discovery Tool.* What a powerful idea. What word do you want to describe your experience in the coming year? What word seems to reflect on where you are and where you want to be…and how you are going to get there? I have found the experience of discovering my word to be very organic, and different each time I’ve done it. I only used the Discovery Tool that first time. The other years, my words found me in different ways, and the last few years, it has been a phrase, not a single word.

And what are they?

  • 2009 – Focus
  • 2010 – Believe
  • 2011 – Patience
  • 2012 – Never, never, never give up
  • 2013 – Preparation and Transition

(There is much more to how each of these found me, but that’ll need to wait for other posts.)

Now it is your turn. As with everything, you have to take the first step. What word (or phrase) would you use to define 2013? What is missing that you want to bring to you in 2014? A year from now, how do you want to feel when you look back at the previous 365 days? You can use a worksheet, you can ask for spiritual guidance, you can write in your journal. It may arrive quickly, or after several weeks. A new word may appear mid-year, in addition to your first word, or as a replacement.That is all normal! 

To get started, here are some worksheets/blog posts that I have used. Just remember there is no wrong way to do it; you will find the way that works best for you.

I’d love to know what your word for 2014 is, and invite you to share it in the comments if you wish. And what is my word for 2014? I’ll share in my next post.

*Yes, you need to opt-in to download the Discovery Tool, but I believe you will enjoy and benefit from her weekly emails.